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The Heart of the Game Movie Cast & Crew

The Heart of the Game is a Hollywood documentary which is based on the dream of some of the teenage girls who have immense passion towards Basketball game. All these girls are from high school who wishes to get a basketball victory with their incredible focus on the game. One of the girls with a short ponytail says that she lives for the hunt quite enthusiastically and excitedly before the camera. All the girls form a team of basketball namely Roosevelt Roughriders Basketball team of girls who embodies the spirit and energy of the team both in the court and out of the court.

The Heart of the Game was filmed and written by Ward Serrill who is a former executive at a Seattle Public Affairs Company. He handled the screenplay and the direction works of the film in an excellent way. A few years back, he met a person named William M. Resler who is a coach of Roughriders team from Roosevelt High School in Seattle. He had driven all the aspirant girls of the team towards success and victory. Here is everything you need to know about the Heart of the Game movie, the complete details of cast and crew and much more information.

The Heart of the Game – Best Storyline

In the movie, we can see the coach named M. Resler who is married and had 3 adult daughters. At a University of Washington Business School, Mr. Resler is a senior lecturer in the subject accounting. The main motto and philosophy of M. Resler is teaching and make it as a passion in the life. Each and every one struggles to become superior in their work and make it as a fashion each day. One thing every individual must remember is to work hard and play hard and never confuse between the two things.

The main lead of the movie is Darnellia Russell who played the main lead in the movie. She is a proficient and quite prodigy at the court and has all the abilities and talents in making classic sports. She is undoubtedly a terrific basketball game player who slips against the opponents or adversaries like quicksilver. Even at the moment of most dramatic situation, Russell never turns out to become a vibrant character in the movie. The Heart of the Game movie has been rated as parents strongly cautioned movie as the movie covers some sexual issues and pregnancy for teenager.

The genre or the category of The Heart of the Game movie is a documentary and Sports based movie which mainly features Darnellia Russell and Bill Resler in the main lead roles. The movie is directed by Ward Serrill and the movie story is written and the screenplay is taken care of the director Ward Serrill.The Heart of the Game movie is produced by Mr. Serrill and Liz Manne which is narrated by Chris Bridges called as Ludacris. The movie is released by Miramax Films and the running time of the film is 98 minutes.

heartofgame movie cast & crew

The Heart of the Game Movie Cast & Crew

Here is the complete cast of crew of the Heart of the game Hollywood movie:


  • Ward Serrill


  • Ward Serrill

Leading Cast

  • Bill Resler
  • Darnellia Russell

Supporting Cast

  • Aaron Jack
  • April Swafford
  • Devon Crosby Helms
  • Emily Watson
  • Hillary Seidel
  • Jade White
  • Keasha Beward
  • Lindsey Wilson
  • Ludacris Narrator
  • Maria Mendoza
  • Maude Lepley
  • Meghan Miller
  • Mike ‘Riderman’ Silva


  • Ward Serrill

Music director

  • Susan Jacobs
  • The Angel

Production Company       

  • Woody Creek Productions

This is everything you need to know about The Heart of the Game movie and the cast and crew details.

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