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The Heart of the Game Movie Review

The Heart of the Game is an incredible sports documentary presenting the real blood, sweat and cries of girl’s from a high school basketball team. The Heart of the Game movie has been filmed by getting inspired from the extraordinary 1994 documentary namely Hoop Dreams. Later, in the year 2006, the director Ward Serrill has directed the movie The Heart of the Game which is based on the basketball game. This movie is an entertaining film that shows some of the fights that ascended in the previous film Hoop Dreams.

The main highlights of The Heart of the Game movie are two personalities who have strong passion and desire towards winning and acquiring the victory in the world basketball game sport. The Heart of the Game is an exceptional and unique story of high school students who have hopes and powerful dreams towards becoming self-serving limelight athletes.  In this movie, we can see the energetic and powerful relationships between the young co-players and strange coach.


‘The Heart of the Game’ Movie Review

Looking at the film, it is quite heartfelt and makes everyone get inspired and motivated with the natural performance of the team players in the movie. The movie covers the story of a girls’ basketball game team called Roosevelt Rough Riders from Seattle, Washington which is directed by a coach cum a tax law professorfrom the neighbouring university namely Resler.

The Heart of the Game monitors Coach Bill Resler’s first 7 years of his sports career at Roosevelt High School. The team players are extremely talented and the team is astonishing with a status of winning. In the first season, Bill Resler is head coach, whotrains the basketball team just like they have certainly nottrainedin the past.

They were given vigorous training for winning the basketball game international level. Risky running, drooling and even contact pushing and much more are the part of the unconventionaltrainingsthat were given coaching to the team of girls from the Roosevelt Roughriders basketball team. The Roosevelt basketball team successesconstantly and beginsbringing in severalfollowers and enthusiastscompared to the boys teams of basketball. The season of Cusack approaches the Roosevelt Rough Riders with a new player, a new person with incredible attitude along with massive confidence which is the heart of the game. The name of the new player is Darnellia Russell. With the arrival of this new player, a new focus comes in the documentary. Darnellia Russell is a girl basketball player who comes from Garfield High.

About Darnellia Russell

With the arrival of Darnellia Russell into the Roughriders Roosevelt High basketball team, the team becomes quite powerful and she could have best possibility in the future in the game of basketball in her academics. The story growths with aremarkable pace and the spectators will never get bored even at a single moment while watching the Heart of the Game movie.

The coach Bill Resler and the whole team are not only overwhelming to watch, but are agreeably entertaining. However, there are few shady moments that show the truthfulproblems girls face in high school experience and some disagreement that considersdeeply on the heart. Darnellia Russell, Bill Resler and the rest of the game players from the basketball team of Roosevelt Rough Riders, no matter the season, all they are true inspiration for each and every game player.

Final Verdict

The Heart of the Game is a movie which is must watch for every girl from the high school who has passion towards basketball and other game sports.


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