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The Heart of the Game – All you need to Know

The heart of the Game is a Hollywood film which is completely based on sports documentary that features Roosevelt Roughriders girls basketball team. The movie was released in the year 2006 in the U.S. which was written, directed and produced by Ward Serrill. The movie is starred by the main player Darnellia Russell and the coach of Roosevelt Roughriders team namely Bill Resler. The whole film is narrated by Ludacris.

The Heart of the Game Movie is directed by Ward Serrill which is a sports documentary that shows a Seattle High School Girls Basket Ball Team which runs for over a course of 6 seasons. There are several players, coaches, and parents that are introduced in this movie but only 3 characters were elevated to the surface. Here is everything you need to know about The Heart of the Game Movie.


Story Plot

In the Movie you can find a coach named Bill Resler who is a tax professor at the University of Washington. The coach is a father of 3 girls who have little experience in basketball coaching who will be hosting the story. The character of the coach has been described in such a way that he is truly frightened upon entering the coaching job. However, he installs his own philosophy at a rapid pace.

The story of the Movie begins a couple of years back wherein an African-American Darnellia Russell who attends the top most white and upper class Roosevelt High School. The coach Resler uses innovative themes of animals and nature in order to inspire his basketball team of girls. He has a strong, faith and confidence within himself that their team will win the Washington State Championship. But sadly, they will lose the first game of the state tournament.

Later after 2 years, Russell the main character of the story enters Roosevelt High School wherein she joins the team of junior-varsity. Due to her natural talent in the game, the coach Resler recruits Russell for the varsity squad.  In the subsequent years, the highly talented Roosevelt basketball team falls short of achieving the state championship in the final games. Russell receives the letters of interest from numerous popular universities.

After one year, Russell becomes pregnant because of her long time boy friend and comes out of the school. After giving birth to a daughter, Russell comes back to Roosevelt basketball team in the 5th year. Unfortunately the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) bans Russell from playing basketball game due to a strict rule that the students of high school can only play on behalf of their teams for 4 years. She then constitutes a hardship and takes a decision. She will then get a chance of playing with the Roosevelt team.

She then joins the team and participates in the Washington state high school basketball championship tournament and play with the opponents, the Garfield Bulldogs in the final games. Obviously, she leads the entire team and wins the first state championship for her school. Later, Russell graduates from the same school and acquired name and fame as the best Northwest Player of the Year.

Making of the Movie

The Heart of the Game Movie was directed by Ward Serrill in which he took a team of girls for the basketball game and the team is called Roosevelt Roughriders girls basketball team for six seasons. With this story line the director captured the heart of every single spectator of the film. With the help of Flying Spot, Inc. and others, The Heart of the Game was made and encountered with some thought-provoking praise.

The Heart of the Game Movie Review

The Heart of the Game Movie is a brilliant, challenging and entertaining sports documentary which is based on basketball game. This Movie documentary is slightly compared to hoop dreams which are one of the best sports documentaries. This Movie is mostly adored by game players and other families speak about the ways how Russell plays the character and shows variations in her role at every moment.

In order to become a great player, Russell depends on her family and teammates. However, this movie definitely inspires and motivates every single woman and a girl with ambitions who have great interest towards sports and games. The movie has received Billie Award in entertainment in the year 2007.

Positive Elements

There are several positive messages in The Heart of the Game Movie. Some of the positive things are that a student who loves playing sports must have the ability to play the game with much dedication, discipline and focus towards the game. Also the game player must have self-confidence and belief in them that they will definitely win the game at any cost. The game must be played with much excellence and at the same time it should have some fun. In a game, the teams only win or lose but not the individual players.

All these things must be empowered within the students or game players in order to make better decisions in their career. In this Movie, under the direction of coach Resler, the players of the basketball team thrives. He encourages each and every game player in his team and makes them believe in their own abilities. At the time of massive pressure during the game the coach demonstrates that winning is not the major thing but make sure that every player plays in such a way that they get a reward in a collective way by standing behind Russell.

Negative Elements

Justification for this attitude exists but it is get worth mentioning that when coming to the sports, the coach Resler shows his complete effort in order to keep the parents away from the game players. This is because he believes that the voices of their parents might influence the game players and do more harm than positive things. In the movie, he says that the team that is worth taking the basketball coaching is at an orphanage.

Final Verdict

On the whole, the movie is an out and out best sports documentary directed by Ward Serrill. This movie gives much inspiration for girl players and brings them out to participate in various sports and games.

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